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*This is OUR Story here at RhamZRanch. No pictures, printed information (either full or part) nor any related verbiage should be taken, borrowed, duplicated, mimicked, plagiarized or copied as their own without express written consent from RZR*

Here at RhamZRanch we are passionate about Holland Lops and take immense pride in providing exceptional care of our rabbits...from A to Z! Starting with their dietary requirements, to proper housing & sanitation protocols, providing adequate physical exercise & enrichment, and seeking qualified professional Veterinary care when warranted.....we believe in taking ZERO short cuts when it comes to the health, care and overall well-being of our stock. We feed and recommend ROWE Bermudez 50/50 and use Rowe Gold Plus supplement, Dr. Cheeke’s YQ+, and have high quality 2nd cut Timothy hay shipped right to our door from (go to for 15% off your first order.)

Each pairing is thoughtfully planned and chosen to improve the Holland Lop breed with the goal to produce high quality rabbits that conform to the Standard of Perfection as set by ARBA. We want to continually work to improve the type, temperament, and overall conformation of our rabbits, while maintaining a healthy, vigorous herd that passes those traits to their offspring. We DO NOT produce for "just pets", ever. Occasionally of course there are offspring that do not meet the Breed Standards and/or do not fit into our overall rabbitry goals and these may be placed as loving companions. We do not adopt out pet Hollands under 10 weeks for their own health and well-being, and generally closer to 12-18 weeks plus. Rabbits adopted out as pets only DO NOT include a pedigree, but do include a variety of transition items, care information etc. Indoor only homes considered please. Please note that we do not place young stock/pre-juniors with a pedigree. Any potential Show or Brood stock will generally be age 5.5-6 months plus. We operate a CLOSED rabbitry (aka no visitors) to minimize the risk of stress to our rabbits as well as the spread of potential germs and diseases. While we fully adhere to type over color, we do enjoy working with Hollands in the Shaded group (Sable Point, Siamese Sable, Seal etc) and a very small Pointed White program.

****RhamZRanch Placement Policy****
All placements are final once the rabbit leaves our care. No exchanges nor monetary refunds are given.
You will be expected to thoroughly check over the rabbit(s) prior to making your final commitment. However, if the rabbit is not as advertised or has an previously unidentified disqualification, your deposit will be refunded. We reserve the right to cancel or terminate a transaction at any point prior to pick up. This is the only other circumstance that a refund of deposit would be granted.
If a rabbit must be returned due to allergies, move, or other family concerns etc, we may accept our rabbit/s back (based on space availability) and either find them another appropriate home or retain in our own herd. Again, no refunds will be granted.

*******First right of refusal is always politely requested please********

We reserve the right to refuse a transaction if we feel it is not an appropriate match or home. Please note while we fully encourage 4H/FFA members to inquire about available stock, we are quite passionate about Holland Lops and the dedication and time involving this challenging, highly competitive breed. Unfortunately, we will not knowingly place Hollands into homes with the sole intention of placing in “Auction” at the end of 4H/FFA; preferring instead to place with serious individuals that are intending to learn, grow and gain experience with the breed (and retain in their own home/barn). This also protects our request of first right of refusal.

A 50% deposit is required to hold any rabbit for up to *2 weeks. After 2 weeks, a boarding charge, per day, may incur. (*NOT applicable close to major holidays; we do not promote, recommend nor hold rabbits for holiday gifts) Deposits are non-refundable if interested party cancels (including but not limited to: lack of communication regarding pick up, change of mind, no-show, lack of funds etc). Acceptable forms of deposit are PayPal or cash only. PayPal is preferred (Friends and Family option please) and the link to use is:
All correspondence should be maintained either via e-mail ( or RZR Facebook page messaging. NO CALLS.
All rabbits are given a visual and physical health check and examination (by us) before they are placed. They are deemed healthy to our knowledge and free of known DQ's unless noted, based on our opinion and the current condition and past health history of said rabbit while in our care. No productivity guarantees, potential show success, or health guarantees after pick up are either expressed nor implied. Climate controlled environment (aka A/C) for Arizona summers and other hot climates only please.
A 3 generation pedigree will be provided at pick up for any brood or show stock. No pedigrees will be e-mailed, printed or otherwise presented until time of pick up and rabbit is paid in full. Lineage and color genetics behind any available rabbit will gladly be shared verbally upon request.
We do not offer stud service, nor place bred does.
Pick up is local only; we do not currently ship rabbits. Delivery to local Shows we are attending may occasionally be an option, however we prefer local pick up to minimize stress. Posted “adoption” is non-negotiable, however occasionally a multiple rabbit consideration may be offered a discount at our discretion. All stock is placed as Show/Brood potential, Brood, or Pet Only. * Pet Only does NOT include a pedigree*
All rabbits will be provided with transition feed, +/- Hay and appropriate care information if needed.
***A signed contract by both parties is included, indicating full acknowledgement and agreement of Placement Policy as stated above***

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